Awassa Vocational Training Center

The Awassa Children’s Vocational Training Center offers a state of the art vocational training facility. Providing training in computer skills, wood, metal, and electronic technologies, ACP aims to improve the lives of under-privileged youth from the Awassa community. The skills gained here open the door to independent futures for otherwise unsupported young people. A large number of ACP’s beneficiaries are young women, many of whom which have been orphaned by AIDS. Upon completion of their 10-month program, graduates move into local employment or apply for loans to start their own business.

Here are some of the highlights of our vocational Center’s focus areas:

  1. Woodwork Technology
  2. Metalwork Technology
  3. Electrical Technology
  4. Computer Skill Training

Woodwork Technology

The objective of woodwork technology training is to provide skills and knowledge of how to perform different activities (measuring, laying out, sawing, filing, chiseling, drilling, joining, sanding, painting etc…) on benches and different machineries properly, according to the given specifications. The goal is for students to become capable of manufacturing different furniture and wood-made equipments that have great value to society and are highly needed in the market.

Garment Training

The objective of garment training is to equip girls with the necessary sewing skills to be employed at the newly established Industry Park garment factory, so they can earn income, provide for themselves and their families, and be self-sufficient members of society. Historically, women in Ethiopia have done the majority of the agricultural labor in their household and have not earned an income. However, the effect can be devastating if a household income no longer exists - so we are working towards a solution by training impoverished women in garment making. This program began in 2016 and has trained over 30 women, all who have secured employment and an income. Our goal is to train over 1,000 women in the next two years.

Metalwork Technology

The objective of metalwork technology training is to provide skills and knowledge of bench work (planning a work, measuring, hand sawing, filing, chiseling, drilling, grinding, hand threading, metal fastening, installing pipes, finishing etc…) and arc welding using different hand tools, equipments and machineries. With the help of modern methods and procedures, students are capable of manufacturing different materials that are of great value to society and are highly needed in the market.

Electrical Technology

The objective of electrical technology training is to provide knowledge on the basics of electrical systems, and the skills to perform electrical system installation and winding. Students learn to install different types of electric lines and to manufacture different simple machineries (like welding machine) by winding.

Computer Skill Training

The objective of this computer training is to provide basic skills and knowledge of computers. This course is designed especially for women so that they can lead an independent life by opening their own business centers (centers where they provide secretarial services, like typing, printing and photocopying) or use these computer skills in their academic profession when they continue on to further their education.

In addition to these trainings, HCC also offers life skills trainings including family planning, self empowerment and self confidence, as well as the development of a business mindset.

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