Awassa Childrens Center
Vocational Center Home to 100+ Children Built with dreams

For 15+ years, awassa children's center provides shelter, food and education
for 100+ kids in Awassa, Eithiopia.

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The Awassa Children’s Project (ACP) promotes sensible, culturally responsible international development aimed at assisting children and families primarily orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS. ACP is a grassroots Illinois non-profit organization (501 (c) 3) formed in 2001.

The Awassa Children’s Center provides housing, food, healthcare and education to approximately 100 orphans. The Vocational Training Center provides 100 adult students 1-year certified program in Computers, Woodwork, Electrical work and Metal work. The Environment – Using solar panels for electricity, planting trees to help reduce soil erosion and developing clean water for the Center’s children and students.

Awassa Children's center

Experience Our Work

Awassa Childrens Center

Have a peek into our Childrens center and our kids

Our Vocational Program

We teach the core skills needed to face the world!

Thinking about the Envrionment

We think about mother nature while caring for children!

Our difference

Clean Water

We are the first to provide 100% clean water in the area.

Solar Powered

Our center is powered by solar power backed by gas generators and public power grid.

All the funds go to the children

All the board members are volunteers and all the funds raised go towards the caring of the children.

Winning formula

Many of the kids who came to our center as babies are now in college graduating as doctors, lawyers and engineers.

Social Integration

Our kids go to public schools and they are always part of the local community.

Great Infrastructure

Our center has all the facilities inside the center including house nurse, care takers and administrators all of them fully employed by us.

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