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One Love Theatre

One Love HIV/AIDS Awareness Theater (One Love) is an exciting blend of dance, drama, circus, multimedia, music, and gymnastics. Providing free theater for audiences of all levels One Love performances serve as an effective vehicle for disseminating HIV/AIDS awareness messages because they have the ability to transcend linguistic, social and economic barriers. One Love is grounded in the creativity and imagination of its cast; the youth of Ethiopia. This along with the flexibility of the unique One Love format allows for a variety of awareness messages to be incorporated into shows, ultimately, strengthening the overall impact of HIV/AIDS awareness messages. Above all, One Love reflects the thoughts, feelings and life of the next generation of Ethiopia.  One Love is a program of the Awassa Youth Campus for a schedule of shows or to donate specifically to One Love, please visit One Love Theater.

One Love is based upon the philosophy that HIV/AIDS awareness messages must be delivered through relevant, accessible and impressionable media. Over the years One Love has developed a unique style that can only characterized as “theatrical gymnastics”. An engaging mix of HIV/AIDS-based drama intertwined with jaw-dropping circus, dance and gymnastics One Love performances gain the respect and attention of audiences across Ethiopia.

One Love venues include the stadiums, theaters, marketplaces and streets of Ethiopia, performing in Awassa (One Love’s home) as well as in villages, towns and cities throughout the country. In addition to writing and performing original scripts, One Love also incorporates live music and drums. One Love’s cast is comprised of children and youth from all walks of life in Ethiopia.

Through the magic of theater One Love will continue to promote creativity in all development activities and spearhead the fight to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia and beyond. Please contact us if you are interested in bookings, workshop facilitation or more information. We appreciate your support in this endeavor. One fight, One Love.