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The Awassa Children’s Project accepts online donations via PayPal’s secure site. You may use your credit card or checking account (you do not have to be a member of PayPal to make a donation). Simply select the amount you wish to contribute on a one-time basis in the field below and click the donate button. You will be transferred to PayPal’s Secure Server to complete the transaction. Your credit card or checking account will be billed once in the amount you select.

Your credit card or checking account will be billed the amount you select.


One Time Donation to ACP


The Awassa Children’s Project uses these funds to further its mission to improve the lives of the children in its charge. Our fiscal approach helps reduce our cost of administering these funds, thus helping to ensure that your contribution will have the greatest possible impact.

Make your donation now and help fight the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

We thank you for your interest and generosity.